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Cozy Haven

~Sunday, June 14, 2020~

Pre-Launch Day 6

Fun morning watching a few cowboys practicing/training their herding dogs to move 2 cows into an arena, then herd them back into their trailer. Not something you see everyday, and of course they made it look so easy. Jeff and I spent our morning going through the rest of our boxes to see what’s staying for the year and what is going back to storage. I ran to Kohl’s to return a few things and purchase a mattress pad for our wonderful King size bed in our new master bedroom. We’ve never even owned a King size bed in our entire married life and I don’t see how we’ll ever downsize from this. I also managed to drop off a few donations which, because of COVID, was shocked to see open. Jeff took off to Sacramento to the storage unit while Sadie and I stayed behind to organize the trailer. It’s amazing all of the little details that go into making an RV feel like a home. Even though Jeff and I plan on spending most of our time outdoors, including meal prep/eating, it’s important to have a comfortable, cozy home base. Though we have limited storage, we’re making it work. Then of course begs the question, do I really NEED more than this? I think we’ll come to realize that the answer is NO. Less is more, simple is best...right?

Couldn’t wait to vacuum today. “Why” you ask? I finally got to try out my new Dyson Cyclone V10 stick vacuum. After a lot of research and the fact we are pet owners, I felt this was the best choice. If you have the money, and even if you don’t, you need to invest in this wonderful product. I keep telling myself, what we buy is an investment with the hopes that we don’t have to replace it again, so I don’t mind spending a little extra to get there. Anyway, the vacuum is cordless, yet holds a charge on a regular cycle for 1 hour, and turbo boost for about 45 minutes. The suction is amazing (a must when owning a shed loving lab), and it converts from a stick use to handheld with a large array of attachments for whatever the need. Purchased directly through Dyson (they have holiday sales that beat Amazon, or Best Buy), so check it out.

Our evening was awesome. We were able to spend some time with Maddie and Shane at our place and made a great bbq dinner. So great getting to know Maddie a little more. Very sweet, pretty girl with a lot of confidence, and we take a lot of comfort knowing our son is happy. Father and son cooked outside while Maddie and I made the side dishes inside. Shane scored some points bringing a bottle of vino too!

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