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Can't Do It All!

~Saturday, March 5, 2022~

Day 629

Quite the stormy day with a chance of snow. Where’s that beautiful happy weather we had just a few days ago? There were dark clouds all around us with multiple trails of Virga in the distance. It was actually very pretty and dramatic looking as the sun was trying to break through every once in a while. Today the winds got up to 20 mph, so by the looks of things, it was a good day to be inside. Perfect since that’s what we had planned anyway as we continue plotting everything out for the Alaska trip. We started out with both of us at the kitchen table, but with all the maps, books and 2 laptops, it got a little crowded. Jeff is now in the bedroom/office with me at the kitchen table. At least the close quarters of the trailer allows us to be within earshot of bouncing ideas off each other. While Jeff is calculating daily, doable miles on our route, I am continuing my excursion list which is growing by the minute. One couple we follow on Instagram, “Keep Your Daydream” have RV’d Alaska numerous times and have one important word of advice…….make it YOUR trip. With the internet and social media, you can have too much information at your fingertips that builds in hope that you’re going to see EVERYTHING. It’s just not possible. Alaska is just too big to see all in one trip, unless you have a few years. So our strategy, plot out everything we want to see on the map, then make decisions as we go, as to what we’ll actually see. At least we’ll have the information ready.

We had quite the ambitious list of things we wanted to see while staying here in Cottonwood. And each day that’s passed by, I’ve gotten more and more frustrated that we have done NONE of it due to our summer preparations. But here’s the good news. With our upcoming stays in Sedona and Camp Verde, we’ll still be within 30 minutes time of being able to come back to Cottonwood. Yeh!! All is not lost.

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