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Birthday Boy and Cuddles

~Wednesday, September 23, 2020~

Day 101

Happy 24th Birthday Devin. Before Devin woke up, Hannah made a trip to Starbucks to pick up a special coffee for him and then decorated the apartment till it looked birthday festive. Jeff and Hannah got the Eggs Benedict breakfast going while I went to pick up a UPS package to pick up the long awaited YETI cooler replacement.. We’ve owned a YETI canvas tote for about 5 years, until the zipper broke on the trip. My hope was to just send back the cooler for repair. Their response….no worries, just send back the cooler and we’ll replace it with an even better designed cooler at no cost to you. What?? That is certainly taking care of your customer. Additionally, they gave us 4 options to choose from. Amazing! A month later, we are now proud owners of the YETI Hopper Backflip 24. It’s really nice to have a canvas cooler where the whole top unzips for easy access to drinks/ice and cleaning.

Finally a nice birthday breakfast of mimosas and Eggs Benedict, followed by a birthday afternoon/evening Hannah had planned for Devin. Of course we were beyond thrilled to have babysitting duties for the day. One of their planned outings was to AxVentures (think of a game of darts but with axes in your hand). Perfect guy birthday excursion. Hannah has always had great hand/eye coordination so she held her own. She also planned a dinner out to The Melting Pot in San Diego. While they were off enjoying their much needed date day, Jeff and I had some errands to run before leaving tomorrow. First task at hand, collapsing the stroller. Ya think it would come back to us in a flash, but must admit, we were a little challenged. Let’s blame it on the improvement in technology. Carson had been fighting a nap all afternoon, leaving him a little fussy. We realized the culprit when we returned to their apartment. Poor little Carson threw up all over his car seat so his tummy must have been upset all afternoon. We’re thinking the oatmeal cereal we gave him (and just a little), upset his stomach. Carson’s pediatrician recommended oatmeal cereal instead of rice, but am now thinking oatmeal might be too rich. So right to the bath we went while grandpa took care of the carseat. After a soothing bath and some cuddle time with grandma,

he finally fell asleep for about an hour and a half until we tried feeding him again. Then Hannah and Devin showed up filling us in on their fun day. We finished the birthday celebration with Hannah’s homemade apple pie (Devin’s favorite), and presents-some new clothes and an electric shaver.

We’re sad to be leaving them tomorrow, but excited to be heading back out on our adventure, where for the first time we don’t really have an exact route figured out. The weather is quite warm still in Santa Fe and Sedona so we might just head toward Colorado, Wyoming then South Dakota, then head back south as the weather gets cooler. But we really can’t predict exactly where we’ll be, which is why you have to stay tuned.

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