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Big Plans

~Monday, January 16, 2023~

Day 947

Happy MLK Day. Thankyou Martin Luther King for giving so much of your life, fighting for the rights of African-Americans and other minorities. We still learn from your speeches and writings. After President Ronald Reagan signed the federal holiday into law in 1983, Arizona was the last state to enact MLK Day for various reasons, one being a governor’s thinking that ‘most federal holidays honor Presidents, not leaders. And yes, that decision received a lot of backlash. Did it really take stripping the city from its NFL hosting of the 1993 Super Bowl to change the tide? In a way, yes. The state’s honored Martin Luther King Day ever since.

The wind and rain were something else last night. It was hard to sleep soundly with the trailer shaking and the slide awnings flapping in the wind. So I was dragging most of the day. We spent a few hours planning out our exact route as we head east on Thursday, starting our 1,350 mile journey to the bayous of Louisiana. The plan is to stay for a few weeks before spending several months in Florida. From there, we make a B-line for North Carolina to begin our search for a home. Tennessee and Virginia are also on our radar. Anyway, we’ve got several one-night stays at Harvest Host locations as we make our way through New Mexico and Texas until we get to our campground in Louisiana. With all the miles we’ve put on lately, we’re a little overdue for an oil change, tire rotation and a 75,000-mile tune up. We were able to book the oil change and tire rotation in Mesa (about 40 minutes from where we’re currently staying). But, they’re booked out for several weeks for the tune-up. So it looks like we’ll be taking care of that once we get to Florida where we’ll have a bigger chunk of time.

We spent the evening watching an exciting game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Dallas hasn’t been to the playoffs in years and we really don’t want to see Tom Brady win, simply because he always wins. Besides, they shouldn’t even be in the playoffs anyway with their bad season. Right after kick-off, I thought it would be fun to text my cousin Sharon who is a devoted Cowboys fan. It was fun sharing the game together. I felt so bad for Dallas’ kicker, who missed 4 extra point opportunities in a row. I would think that had to be an NFL record. As Sharon said, he got in his head until finally he got his extra point on the last touchdown of the night. Now the big question is….was this Tom Brady’s last game? So next weekend, it’s the Cowboys against the 49’ers which should make for interesting messages between Sharon and I. Leave it to my husband to predict a win as he texted Sharon with “My condolences in advance”. Let’s hope he didn’t jinx it.😳 Go Niners!!!

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