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Big Hugs and Off!

~Thursday, September 24, 2020~

Day 102 (Travel Day)

We all slept in a bit. I guess the babysitting thing exhausted us after all. As we were packing everything up, we wanted to double check the mailroom at Devin and Hannah’s leasing office to see if the tire pressure monitor was ever delivered there. To no avail. So either it was sent back to the vendor as undeliverable since the wrong address was on it, or it was stolen, or simply lost. It was kind of strange that we’re heading out into the deep unknown. North, east, who knows. I’m going to miss those little munchkins with the likelihood of seeing them sometime after their big move to Illinois. So alot of big hugs and we’re off.

I’ll be following up with EEZ Tire to see if it was returned to them since the delivery was never successful. Jeff had accidentally had it shipped to Hannah’s old apartment address which is why it never made it to her.

First stop….Sadie’s nail trim in Escondido, then onward to Riverside to pick up our tiny abode. Steven had all the necessary repairs done except for the skylights, the decal and the countertops (those items were added to the list much later so a little more lead time needed. We’ll have to circle back over here when we’re back in the area to get those repairs done). It’s kind of scary when you’re looking at a sea of trailers that had misfortune come their way, waiting for their due repairs….a blown tire with a dragging axle, a rig that side swiped a tree, you name it, they have it. All you can do is pray these things don’t happen to you. Or adhere to the old motto… ounce of prevention, a pound of cure. But then there’s the unexpected right?

I called EEZ Tire to arrange for a replacement tire pressure monitor. In the meantime he’ll look into whether or not it was returned or lost, but regardless will send out a new one. The problem is we don’t know exactly where we’ll be so told him to hold off mailing it until I know a little more about that piece of information.

Now for the route….which today looks like Cedar Breaks National Monument as the next destination. We didn’t want to make the full drive though, which would have put us there at 11:00. Thank goodness for the AllStays and Campendium apps. We found the perfect stopover spot at Eureka Casino & Resort in Mesquite, NV. Casinos really are a great way to go when you’re just looking for a spot to put your rig for the night and all you’re doing is sleeping. Then to find a campground near Cedar Breaks. All were full (small campgrounds) or closed for the season. So on Campendium, we found the perfect spot for us. Cedar Breaks Dispersed Camping (another word for BLM land) (Bureau of Land Management), where the forest is your oyster. You can plant yourself anywhere. And the reviews were 5-star. So stay tuned for our impression. The idea is to stay here for about 4 days to check out the sights with the flexibility of staying longer or not. It’s nice we don’t have the pressure to be somewhere else. The only other booking we have is our 2 weeks in north Florida (we need to get onto more bookings there).

We had a few rest stops for Sadie (and us), along the way. When I went into our trailer kitchen to get her water, I discovered the newly replaced refrigerator door panel was loose. It looked as if the piece of stainless steel was either cut too small or they didn’t adhere it properly. It’s not a snug enough fit. Ugh!! Too bad we didn’t notice it at the dealership today.

I had a strange thing happen in the early evening while I was driving. We were on Interstate 15 heading north, when we came upon a gradually coned construction area, when this semi that had just passed me, decided to slow way down in the fast lane, so I slowed down, realizing there was no need to really (I was already going about 55) then he started veering into my lane, really driving erratically. He then pulled in front of me only to slow down to a snail’s pace whereby I tried to pass him, but then he sped up to nearly 70 and couldn’t pick a lane. Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, the first thought I had was, “Is he having a heart attack or is he suddenly ill?” I finally just had to pull off the nearest exit to just get away from the guy. The whole thing was really strange. I

We arrived at the casino around 9:00 p.m., with hunger pains. We managed to find the perfect spot in the back area of the casino parking lot along with about 6 other RVer’s. Plenty of space, and plenty of hot. It was still in the mid 80’s with a low of 75. That’s the desert for ya. Dinner tonight-Trader Joe’s Chicken Marsala for Jeff and me a cabbage salad with naan, oh and a much deserved margarita dining in the casino parking lot.

All this driving is really sucking the energy out of us. Hopefully we can really have some nice chill time in Cedars.

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