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Bad Timing

~Monday, February 7, 2022~

Day 603

Not being able to tune into our evening coverage of our favorite Olympic sports…..skiing and ice skating is evidently enough to get the new antenna installed. But, like with all projects, things are not as easy as one would hope. The problem he ran into was removing the base plate from the roof which has a very specialized thick layer of waterproof caulking around it.

You have to be ever so careful about removing it so you don’t gouge the roofing material. But he thinks once he gets all that removed, the second phase of installing it will be completed tomorrow (and just in time for the Super Bowl!!!).

My day consisted of picking up a few extra grocery items, finishing up cleaning the truck, and calling on a new shower door. This would be our second one in a year, and though the design is poor, SEA Industries’ customer service is awesome. In fact, the guy that helped us last time remembered me (but of course), and without me having to ask, said he would look into replacing our second one for free. The problem is not the vinyl door itself. It’s the base where the flap is on the inside which traps all of the water, and thus unsightly mold. Even with heavy caulking, it still doesn’t keep ALL of the water out. He acknowledged that they do need to come up with a different design since they’ve had various complaints in addition to ours. You shouldn’t have to replace an entire door once a year. A glass door would be ideal (a few of the Lance trailers have them) but that would require replacing the entire shower stall. It would be nice to get a replacement while we’re in a spot to receive packages.

Jeff’s really enjoying his new griddle. My veggie patty and Jeff’s burgers never turned out so good. Best of all, he’s thrilled to be able to cook everything outdoors again!

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