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Backing in....OH NO!!

~Friday, July 3, 2020~

Day 19-travel day

A travel day since we were able to get only a 1 night stay at Lake Jennings (4th of July weekend). But, we look forward to being back soon to really check out all the campground has to offer. We did ask if we could move sites when we arrive back here on the 8th, but they’re booked solid. Oh well. Since we hadn’t unhitched there wasn’t too much to break down, but even so it still took a few hours. Seriously, the drive to our next destination was 10 minutes away. Doesn’t matter whether you move over a site, have a 10 minute drive, or an 8 hour drive, setup and breakdowns take virtually the same amount of time. We arrived at Rancho Los Coches RV Park around 12:30. I’m not a big fan, usually, of RV parks which have seemed a little overcrowded and can present themselves as a little junky. But I was pleasantly surprised. The full time RV area looked a little junky but the tree lined area for travelers like us, was very nice. Nice that we had quite a bit of shade. I think there are around 140 sites, with our spot situated on “Main Street”, next to a really nice neighbor who fortunately helped us back in. I think he felt sorry for us when he saw it take about 25 minutes to back in with no success. With his guidance, we backed into our space in about 3. I’m telling you, I am not a good director. Still getting our hand signals and jargon worked out.

There was a notice in our welcome packet of there being an ant problem here (even saw an ant trap near our hookups). The funny thing is we had just watched Jerry Neal’s video from “I Love RV Life’s” site, on what to do about ant problems Perfect timing. What prompted us to watch this was seeing a mysterious white powder around someone’s trailer at Jennings Lake. It’s called “Sevin Dust” so we will have to look into getting some.

Anyway, setup. Today was my day to learn how to set up the outside. Even though we have our jobs, Jeff the outside, me the inside, I think I should know how to do everything step by step…..hooking up power, water, sewage, leveling in both directions, how to disconnect the trailer from the hitch, using chocks, etc. I’m SLOWLY getting it all. After setup, I got a call from my son asking if we could PLEASE get unlimited data. Shane is still on our family plan since it saves him money, but it doesn’t when you’re increasing data, does it? We have been using a lot of data lately because of our spotty Wi-Fi, so increase the data plan, I did. Funny how my son only calls me when he needs something.

Jeff took off for the grocery store for the 4th of July fixings and tonight’s salmon dinner while I lined shelves. I found this great rubberized liner with a scored grid called “Con-Tact Premium Non-Adhesive Ribbed Shelf Liner”. I also called AT&T to dial in our TV streaming options. She basically said the same thing as my favorite bro-ham Tim Hansen suggested….just buy an Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter which I will be connecting to my MacBook Pro or our phones.

I’m also getting an HDMI cable that is long enough to run from our TV to the location where I want the laptop to sit. He has always had good success with Monoprice as a company to use for buying cables and such. An HDMI cable you would find in BestBuy for $90 will be about $10 on Monoprice.

I could go with the fancy wireless route, such as an Apple TV box but we don’t need all of the options that it provides. Our problem is solved for about $70, instead of $140.

We had fun catching up on FaceTime with Tim and Tracy who are staying at a winery for a weekend getaway in Portland. Of course all of our craziness in learning how to RV was very entertaining for them to hear. We took a dusk stroll around the park, where we found out it was once heavily inhabited by Native American Indians. There’s evidence of metate holes surrounding the property. In subsequent years, it was the smallest Mexican land grant when the area was under Mexican rule in the 19th century, and provided food supplies to the San Diego Mission. Eventually, it had been purchased in the early 1900’s and changed over a few times from a 29 RV site, to nearly 140, with renovations.

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