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An Inside Day

~Saturday, February 11, 2023~

Day 973

Another dreary day with winds about 30 mph. So another beach day it WASN’T. We had plans to visit Panama City with its pristine beaches and lively beach front bar/restaurant scene. Evidently it rates high too for those Spring Breakers who want to enjoy a little sun, fun and waves. It would have been a great time had the weather cooperated. Instead we got caught up with our peeps via FaceTime…….first my mom in California, my sister and bro-in-law in Oregon and our daughter in Illinois (the grandkids were napping). Our son seems to be M.I.A. as he’s always a hard one to get a hold of. Good to hear everyone else is doing great! The excitement’s about to roll as my mom puts her house on the market next week! Let’s hope she gets a lot of interest at the launch, with multiple offers and over asking to boot! Sending positive vibes her way from Florida!

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