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A Reorg Kinda Day

~Monday, April 4, 2022~

Day 659

Decided to scrap the shorter hike today for staying at the campsite to just enjoy our surroundings and gear up for our 14-mile hike tomorrow to Plateau Point. Plus it gave Jeff an opportunity to reorganize the back of the truck (garage) and come up with a new packing system.

Ever since we got the Blackstone griddle, it’s caused some packing issues managing to fit everything in. As a result, we’ve slowly been seeing things trickle INTO the truck. I swear it’s like a rubix cube. After taking everything out of the truck and reconfiguring, he thinks he has it down to a better science. He’s always been an excellent packer/organizer, so I had faith.

It was a nice chill day, listening to my Carlos Nakai Canyon Trilogy music on Pandora while washing my hair (a ritual in itself as it had been over a week since the last). The sound of the wind through the Ponderosa Pines that we’re surrounded by, added a lovely accompaniment to my already peaceful music.

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