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A Little More Heat Please 🥵

~Thursday, April 1, 2021~

Day 291

Not a good night’s rest last night as the temps got down to 34 which meant the trailer got down to 44 (there’s usually a 10 degree variance between the outside to inside). I went to bed in my thermal pants, my down vest and a sweater and with all that bulkiness, did not sleep well.

Most people have left today, so it looks like we’re the only crazies out here. I don’t know how the tent campers did it last night and tonight is supposed to get even colder. The low tonight is supposed to get down to 24. Looking forward to moving on to Illinois where the temps are a little more favorable.

Nothing eventful today folks as we spent most of the day tending to a few projects, staying warm in the trailer. Jeff managed to do some more troubleshooting on the heater and with a step in the right direction, we now have the thermostat regulating things. It still isn’t completely fixed, but at least we can set the thermostat to a certain temperature during the night, whereas last night we couldn’t. Everything was manual.

As the day went on, more and more campers arrived (mostly RVer’s). Yeah! Most everyone was having a campfire, including us. In fact, one guy next to us asked where he could buy firewood when we pointed him in the direction of the grocery store we visited yesterday (about 8 miles away). He must have scored since he had quite the bonfire going. Bundled up and cozied up to the fire, we got a few more things booked for our “Fall Peeper” tour in New Hampshire. Whew! We’re almost done with the reservations for the East Coast portion of the trip. Dinner……..what dinner? The campfire was too delicious to put out, so we decided to postpone dinner until we ran out of firewood….around 9:00. And in true Latreille fashion, I think we ate dinner around 10:30.

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