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Fireflies Galore!

~Saturday, June 26, 2021~

Day 377

Nothing exciting to report from Taylorsville, KY. A relaxing day at the campsite. Decided with all the go, go, go lately, we’d have a relaxing day, one with me working on computer stuff and Jeff whipping up a batch of ribs. The weather’s not too humid, with temps around low 90’s.. I think Sadie enjoyed the rest too. While I was working outside, a nice older gentleman stopped by to say hi to another Californian, or should I say, former Californian. Richard and his wife, like us, sold it all to live the dream of full-time RV’ing. In their second year of retirement and full-timing it, they are completely winging their trip. No real route plan, and pretty much up to the minute booking with their campsites. We are completely opposite, being a little too nervous about last minute planning. He was pretty surprised that we could plan that far out. Everyone’s comfort zone is different for sure. They’re staying at this campground for 2 weeks so hopefully we can hang out together over a few O Be Joyful hours and rehash our adventures.

The evenings these past few nights have been absolutely beautiful. Jeff and I are not complaining in the least, but wonder where the heck all the mosquitos are? We’ll just keep enjoying those fireflies instead! Firefly update: 🪲Each day, more into summer, the firefly shows are becoming more dramatic. They begin their show in the twilight hours, and by full sun-down, are seen dancing in the trees, so much so, that it looks like someone strung Christmas lights on everything. I’ll try to film them in the next few nights. A few firefly facts:

  1. 2,000 species of fireflies (beetles)

  2. Fireflies can be yellow, green or orange

  3. In some areas, they synchronize their flashing

  4. Males use their glow to attract females

  5. Fireflies live for about a year

  6. They are capable of flying for 2 months

  7. They spend their daylight hours on the ground amongst tall grasses

  8. Fireflies use their light to ward off predators

  9. Humans are contributing to the firefly’s decline due to invasion of habitat and light pollution. They do not relocate, but just disappear.

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