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A First!

~Sunday, February 13, 2022~

Day 609

It’s Super Bowl Sunday everyone where both the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals deserve that prized trophy. Even though we’re California natives, we’d decided to root for the Bengals since they had never won a Super Bowl game, losing twice before to the 49er’s. Even though our Bay Area team isn’t in the ultimate showdown of the year, we still have plans to go all out with our enthusiasm. And it marks the first time that a Super Bowl will be held during the Winter Olympics (remember when the Super Bowl was in January?) And what is a Super Bowl funfest without yummies that beat any touchdown? For us our menu consisted of Stuffed Mushrooms, Potato Skins

and Bourbon Molasses Chicken Drumsticks to which I had very few ingredients to start off with. So off to the crowded, frenzied grocery store I went. Thank goodness, there were plenty of potatoes left! In past years, it seems like grocery stores either get low or run out completely of spuds with the high demand of this game day delight.

When I arrived with groceries in hand, I was happy to find out we miscalculated the game’s start, giving me an extra hour to get stuff ready. It was nice being back in the kitchen since my hubby chef Jeff occupies that space more than I have lately. It didn’t take long for him to offer a hand, so took him up on his offer of grilling the drumsticks. There was a festive, fun vibe going on at our campground with everyone setting up their outdoor living rooms (tv’s included), bbq’s fired up, cheering on their favorite team. In my opinion it wasn’t as exciting of a game as the playoffs, but still a good, solid competitive game with the LA Rams winning the biggest prize. And I was happy to see the Ram’s defensive tackle, Aaron Donald finally win a Super Bowl. I think winning changed his mind from retiring to playing one more year.

And then came some disheartening news once we tuned into the Olympics…..the IOC announced that 15-year old Russian skater Kamila Valieva, who had tested positive for a banned substance she had taken in December, is allowed to continue her competing and that there isn’t enough evidence warranting her fellow teammates to relinquish their medals. Even though her test results didn’t come back until after she was already competing in Beijing, her coach and she knew that taking this banned substance would affect performance, hoping it would go undetected. All she did was get caught. Why are there rules in the first place? So that EVERYONE is on the same playing field. It’s an embarrassing failure of the system to keep doping out of the Olympics and sends a clear message to future skaters that competing cleanly is not of the utmost importance and demoralizes the other athletes who are already competing, that do skate clean. Grrrrr.😡

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