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A Desert Walk

~November 27, 2020~

Day 166

Our RV park is in a remote part of the Tucson desert with the gorgeous Tucson Mountains for an amazing backdrop. As I mentioned yesterday, behind the resort, are paths that lead you to two of the most iconic places in the Tucson area…..Tucson Mountain Park and the Saguaro National Park. When we were selecting RV parks, we were really going back and forth between this one and Desert Trail RV Park (right next door which we didn’t know originally). The reviews had both pros and cons, like most do. The cons…...they’re very archaic in terms of how they handle reservations. No email confirmations, no credit cards (cash or check only) and they don’t keep reservations in a computer...strictly the old fashioned paper calendar way. There have also been issues with reservation bookings (I can imagine this would happen when doing things the old fashioned way). So we were a bit nervous when we arrived. Lesson learned anywhere. Always call before you arrive somewhere to make sure everyone’s on the same page. We’re so glad we picked this RV park. Very dialed in, nice people, and more landscape for that desert vibe.

And the price was lower. Stay at Diamond J Resort!!

Today was a day of recovery from all the cooking done yesterday, though we kept busy with little tasks, emails, website updates, social media posts, etc.

After our “desert walk” behind the resort,

we were greeted by our new neighbors Stan and Holly from San Diego. They’ve been on the road longer than we have and just came back from where we’re headed, i.e. Texas, Louisiana, Georgia. They, like us, are heading back to California to see family. Except we have one added thing which is to get some repairs done on our trailer. I will say, there is a downside to buying new as Stan reminded me. When you buy new, there are definitely going to be things you discover that the manufacturer didn’t do right or forgot to install. When you buy used, the owner generally has already worked all those kinks out. I guess the key is to buy newly used.

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