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We See Humans!

~Tuesday, October 19, 2021~

Day 492

A little bit of activity at the campground today with “moving furniture” (trailers), firewood, and leaf blowing by the guys. I asked one of them how long their work season is at the resort which is basically until the weather says they can’t (usually early November). That crisp Fall air really makes you feel so rejuvenated! As we look around, it appears the leaves have reached their peak. We hope as we continue to move south tomorrow that we’ll see a little more robust color.

This has really been a great place to stay, though quiet with it being mostly just the two of us. We really felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. It was the perfect spot to get various projects done, take a break from our tootling around, and enjoy the Fall scenery all around us.

While we were finishing up waxing the truck and trailer with the low lying sun and chilly weather, a family of 4 stopped by with Sadie’s twin, though their female lab was a bit stockier. Very nice family with grandma, grandpa, their daughter and grandson. The grandparents drove from Maine (they bought 8 acres about 4 years ago) to meet up their daughter and grandson (from San Diego), while she’s traveling here on business. Evidently the daughter is a food scientist. It was great exchanging our travel experiences….the grandparents own a 16-foot travel trailer and have explored the entire U.S. before. Remember that terrible snow storm in Texas called Winter Storm Uri last February of 2021? The one that caused $20.8 billion of damage and left over 9 million people without power? Well they got caught in that. Luckily they were safe, but had to abandon their trailer for 4 or 5 days and stay at a hotel until the weather improved. How scary! Now they watch the weather like a hawk. If you are an RV’er, it’s a must!!! Anyway, it was very nice meeting them and hope to see them sometime in Arizona since it appears we’ll be in the Tucson area around the same time in 2022. They’re definitely going to check out our FootprintsOnWheels site, so hope to stay in touch that way.

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