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The Ultimate Campspot!

~Tuesday, November 16, 2021~

Day 520

Slept in a bit, still trying to make up for lost sleep from New Orleans I guess. And we can’t ask for anything better than to hear the gentle,

lapping water right outside our window. Can’t say that we’ve ever slept this close to any body of water. We also had the morning crow of a rooster just behind us. I actually don’t mind the sound, but feel my husband thinks otherwise. While we were enjoying a nice Facetime call with our daughter and grandkids, I whipped up a nice big breakfast of eggs, bacon and homemade potatoes. So excited that Easton is about to start preschool. And evidently his evaluation for the school is off the charts…..which we knew would be. He’s soooo ready for school.

We think we’ll just be squeaking by with enough water until Thursday, but in the meantime, Jeff tried to find a spigot along the stretch of beach. There is a bathroom/shower, but not easily accessible to fill our water containers. Hoping the Ford dealership will help us out in that department tomorrow, when we take the truck in for its routine oil change/tire rotation?

Other than that, we just enjoyed the sights and sounds of Magnolia Beach….a nice change from the craziness of New Orleans. The beach is made up of compacted shells, not sand. We even saw a few people sailing in the bay and watched a large cargo ship making its way from the oil refinery in the distance to its next destination. Exxon Mobil’s Baytown Refinery is the second largest oil refinery in the U.S. but thankfully, it is way in the distance and we can’t smell anything from it.

At night, with the many camper’s portable campfires and the twinkling lights in the distance, the place becomes sort of whimsical.

After a lovely sunset we whipped up some dinner. What’s a Tuesday without tacos??

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