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Take It Slow

~Wednesday, August 25, 2021~

Day 437

A sleep in day for sure for Jeff (11:30 a.m.) while I got up at 8:30. I was so looking forward to my morning brew until I passed by the refrigerator only to notice the blue, flashing light which tells us it’s out of propane. When we’re boondocking (when the refrigerator is not using A/C power), the fridge uses propane. I’m always a little nervous to switch the tanks myself so decided out of the kindness of my heart, to forego my coffee so that my husband could get his much needed rest.

It’s nice to be back in an evergreen forest with the smell reminding us a little of our times at the family cabin in California. Sadie’s liking it too since she has a lot of forested “backyard” to smell, dig and chase whatever’s worth chasing.

Our pace has been exhausting as of late. But, with Shane’s visit, we wanted to see as much as we could. I’m sure he needs a vacation from his vacation. So with that being said, it’s nice to have some time to just be at the campsite and not run off to the next thing. I’m sure we’ll be doing a few excursions (we are in the Adirondacks after all). But, it will also be a great opportunity for us to have more downtime and also get a few things done. Not sure exactly what Jeff has planned, but for me, I’ll be starting my next cross-stitch project (can’t tell you what that is yet), and cleaning those filthy windows (including the screens) on the trailer. Even though we don’t have hookups at this site, you couldn’t ask for a more convenient water spigot location (right across the street at a sight that’s closed for rehabilitation).

Before making a dinner of Chicken Piccata, we took a walk around the campground which is about ⅔ full and found the lake. A few guys were fishing in the distance, so hope Sadie’s excitement didn’t scare off their potential catch. They have plenty of kayak launching areas around the lake too so will definitely have to look into that. We were also on a mission to find the trash bins. You’d think that would be an easy find, but we didn’t see one in any loop until Loop D where they have a whole set up for recycling and garbage. Nice! But because we’re in Loop B, you have to drive to it unfortunately. One notable comparison about camping in the East, is that even though they have bear sightings, they don’t have the problems that the West does with bears rummaging through trash. There is not one bear proof garbage bin anywhere we’ve been in the East.

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