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Sour 😝 Milk!

~Thursday, July 29, 2021~

Day 410

Naturally, anything you buy from the grocery store, you’d expect to be fresh, right? After pouring milk on our cereal this morning, we realized something was amiss. We poured it in a glass and realized we had a bad batch of milk. And it’s the normal, organic milk that we buy. The expiration date was still a week away. It didn’t taste rotten, it just tasted metallic, like someone poured chemicals in the container. Time to head back to the grocery store for a return. 😖

Wow, a very windy day. Jeff had read there was a storm churning south of us, where we were on the outside edge of it. No awnings out today and a good day for tying up loose ends. We headed into Hancock to return the milk, and pick up the supplies to do an oil change. It’s hard to believe we’re about to turn over 40,000 miles on Hank. 13 quarts of oil and a filter later, it didn’t take long to run up a $130 supply bill. Jeff has decided moving forward that we’ll just have the dealership take care of it if the timing works out of where we are. We’ve had the dealership handle it before where we used our Ford points. Since we’ve got a long drive ahead of us heading to Illinois soon to see Hannah and Devin and the grandkids, we can’t put off waiting to have the oil change done there since we are already 1,000 miles over. When we’re in Illinois, we will be getting a recall item taken care of on the truck (a backup camera fix), as well as tire rotation and brake inspection. Gotta take care of our important investment which is basically towing our “house”.

Last errand of the day, if you want to call it that, was a restaurant/brewery in Houghton called The Library. Jeff had read that the beers were good, but the food so-so. What is it about beers in the U.P. They are so inexpensive. And so is the wine. Jeff’s beer was only $4.00 and my glass of wine….$5.00. And they were very good. We decided to get a little appetizer of parmesan/artichoke dip with crostini to go along with our sipping and enjoying the beautiful view of the Keweenaw Waterway. What a clear day!

It seems the wind has blown most of the smoke out of the area. The sunset was also to die for!!

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