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Santa Fe-Hooray!

~Friday, November 6, 2020~

Day 145

The one good thing about having the LOOOONG 7-8 hour drive yesterday was it only left us about an hour to get to Santa Fe today. The RV Park we will be staying at has a strict check-in time/procedure and didn’t want that pressure of having to be there no later than 4:30, especially when towing a trailer at slower speed limits.

Jeff slept better than myself, as I didn’t feel refreshed due to the cramped sleeping quarters not having the slides out. I just wanted to get the show on the road and get to Santa Fe. First things first-a shower and a stop at Starbucks for some much needed solid food before arriving at Trailer Ranch RV Park in Santa Fe, centrally located to everything Santa Fe.

When we arrived, the staff was at lunch, but we only had about a 10 minute wait before our host and her assistant led us to our site. I would say most of the RV parks we’ve been in don’t escort you in. I think it just depends on the park and whether they’ve had problems with people backing in correctly. It’s way easier for them on the front end to make sure people get in correctly. Lucky me….I was at the wheel and haven’t had much practice lately backing into a site 🤪. I had a good director, as I backed in pretty well.

Poor Jeff has had a lot of shoulder pain the last few days, so guess who had to set up the outside stuff. Yep. I’ve helped with connecting the electrical, plumbing, and chocking/leveling, but it had been a while. So Jeff directed while I went to it. After about 45 minutes, it was time to tackle setting up the inside. Just as we had wrapped up the outside, there was a new arrival next door to us. We noticed they were having issues with their hitch, and later asked them about it. They had just purchased their travel trailer (they’re from Washington state) with plans to stay in the Santa Fe area only for a few days. It sounds like those plans have now changed as when they were a few miles away from this RV park, their receiver coupling to their hitch snapped in half when they went over a speed bump at high speed. He didn’t even see it. Man, that must have been one big speed bump since it seems it would take a lot to break that steel in half. I’m sure we’ll hear more about how they resolve that one.

Now for some errands to my favorite…..Trader Joe’s, then Target, then BevMo which we were able to get done in time to get back and hear Joe Biden’s speech. I think we’re getting close to a win!

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