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Quite a Rainstorm

~Friday, February 12, 2021~

Day 243

Today’s a good day for doin’ some laundry and checking off a few more things off the to do list. I think this would be the most convenient laundry facility yet…..only feet from our campsite. And only $1.50/load! It was like we almost planned it that way. With rain forecasted for much of the day, I’m so glad we got in our boat tour yesterday. Definitely a highlight of the trip.

Crossed off the list:

  1. Re-caulked the shower pan. Lance had never caulked the shower where Richardson’s did it for us on the first trip for repairs (they did a very poor job).

  2. Cleaned and greased the stabilizer jacks

  3. Cleaned and oiled the slide tracks

  4. Greased the screen door latch (much to Jeff’s wife’s satisfaction-Happy wife, happy life!

In between projects, the rain finally kicked in and it was quite the downpour of about 30 minutes (see video). This was certainly a test of the rig holding up to leaks. And it did. If you remember, a few months back, we discovered that both skylights were cracked, with one leaking over the shower. This was one of the repairs we had done the last time we were in California, thank goodness. If it weren’t for getting that taken care of then, we’d definitely be using bucket backup.

After finishing laundry, I headed to the general store/visitor center to take advantage of their wi-fi signal. Darn, that We-Boost sure would have come in handy. After about an hour of taking care of phone calls and emails in the parking lot, Jeff and Sadie paid me a visit, then headed over to the boardwalk while I finished up. But here’s the hilarious part. As the light turned to darkness, I thought it time to leave. And when it’s dark out here, you can’t see a thing. No light pollution whatsoever. Even backing out of their parking lot was a bit of a challenge. And getting back to the campsite was no different, which I am reluctant to admit. By the time I exited the park entrance by accident, it was too late….I was committed with nowhere to turn around for about 7 miles. The road is basically flanked by 2 deep gutters that became flooded after today’s rain, so I didn’t feel comfortable trying to do a 3-point turn in these conditions. So while I’m a lone driver out on this road, praying for no more rain and fog, I finally found a spot teo turn around. And the

weather obliged. (cooperated). What should have taken me a few minutes turned into 20 in getting back to our campsite. Jeff’s first question was, “did you have trouble getting back?” My first inclination was not to admit my foolishness, but I cannot lie. Then Jeff called me on it. Earlier, they had seen me trying to get back, and then “oh, there goes mom Sadie.”. The thought did cross his mind to go back to the main road and wait for me to get back. At any rate, I made it back and at my expense, must have been quite entertaining. Margarita anyone?

After a delicious dinner of hamburgers and homemade fries, we played a few games of backgammon and dominoes, with both of us winning a game each. I take great satisfaction when I beat my husband at any game....especially backgammon.

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