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Peaks Galore

~Tuesday, October 20, 2020~

Day 128 (Travel Day)

Hitting the road around 11:00 am., it was nice to know we only had 130 miles to get to our next destination…..Buena Vista, CO. Our original plan as you know, was to go to Fort Collins for the week but due to wildfires, we had to quickly come up with other plans. The plan after that was to go to the cool town of Leadville, central to many of the destinations we wanted to check out. But no accommodations were available. So after some creative searching online, we stumbled on Snowy Peaks Park in Buena Vista.

We were greeted by Dave, a tall, mountain looking man who just happened to be in the office from 11-1. We arrived later than that. Even though we were already assigned a site, he offered 2 others that would fit our rig. So we walked around to check out the other 2 sites and decided on site #44 with the most trees. Nice grassy area for Sadie and a bit shaded but it seemed like the best site. Glad we have a surge protector as the electrical hookups appear a little sketchy. There are quite a few full-timers here, but it appears to be very clean and well maintained. And it’s in a great location. We have an amazing view of Mt. La Plata at 14,336 feet and other surrounding peaks.

Looking forward to seeing some breathtaking sites while we’re here, as we made plans for the next 5 days here. One of our destinations on Saturday is the Leadville Railroad….a 2-½ hour scenic trip in open cars (better dress warmly) through Arkansas River Valley with views of the tallest peaks in Colorado. They are currently only running on the weekends due to the colder weather and we have snow forecasted after this weekend.

Taking advantage of cable connection and electric hookups as we watched the Dodgers cream the Tampa Bay Rays in game 1 of the World Series, by the pseudo fireplace.

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