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Mimi the Tour Guide

~Tuesday, August 11, 2020~

Day 58

Tim and Tracy will be here at Mimi and Dave’s for dinner tonight, so Jeff and I needed to make a trip to the store. It will be Taco Tuesday of course and with Inger’s homemade pinto beans, which we prepared in the morning so it could slow cook all day. I think this was my best batch yet. After a little prep, we took the truck with Mimi and Dave and headed to RedRidge Farms-a quaint farm with lavender fields, a nursery, olive oil/vinegar tasting and wine tasting.

The wine tasting was closed unfortunately due to COVID, but we enjoyed the gardens, nursery and olive oil shop. Then Mimi suggested we do a little wine tasting at Stoller Family Estate in Willamette Valley. And yes they were open. Even if they weren’t open we would have stopped anyway, just for the view. Surrounded by vineyards, Stoller has a very large tasting area outdoors, where we sat and enjoyed a flight of 5 wines (a mixture of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) and the beautiful scenery. Mimi and I each bought a bottle of the Pinot.

It was a lot of fun having Tim and Tracy over and so sweet of Mimi and Dave to invite them. Before dinner, we whipped up some margaritas and toured the house, then introduced the new trailer to everyone. I think they were surprised at how roomy it is. To get dinner done faster, the prep became a team effort. The hope was we would eat outside, but with the temperature dropping we opted for the dining room instead. When it was time to say goodbye, we knew it was not for long, as we hope they can possibly meet up with Jeff and I in a few weeks in Montana.

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