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Lodging Stress

~Sunday, March 7, 2021~

Day 266

What a productive day though we were a bit cave bound working on our route and accommodations. With summer fast approaching and the mass of RVer’s out there, we don’t want to be caught scrambling for places to stay. In fact, we even looked as far out as January of 2022 in Florida at a few spots that are supposed to be dynamite……..GONE! You absolutely have to be 11 months to the day, at your computer (or multiple computers), ready to press your button to get some of these campgrounds. It’s every man for himself out here. Feels so good to have 12 weeks of lodging booked. To me this is the most stressful aspect of RV’ing full-time. Booking occasional trips is way easier. But when your rig is your home, planning ahead is key. Some days, the planning just doesn’t seem to flow…...maybe the route doesn’t work or the place you want to stay has partial availability (some of the days in your range are available, some not), or the place that would be perfect has no availability until 2022. But, everything was clicking for us today and we can’t wait to share with ya’ll what we have planned. We’ll be staying at some awesome campgrounds. In 2 days, we’ve planned the route, decided on what sites we want to take in, and then let those things dictate where we’re going to stay. It really isn’t about where we’re staying as much as what we want to tour, though staying in nice places is definitely a bonus. When we get to Charleston, we’ll begin planning our Michigan trip, followed by the lodging for our East Coast visit in the Fall. It appears with the lack of home inventory, and inflated pricing, we won’t be buying any time soon. Plus, we still have no idea what is a perfect fit for us. So it looks like we’ll be extending our trip longer than we planned. Expect the unexpected right?

Heading to Charleston, SC tomorrow with plenty of sites to see. Being in Statesboro with little to do has helped us focus on getting a lot done. Seeing a list always makes me feel good, so of courseI have to make note of it and share with all of you…….

  1. Washed the truck 🛻💦 (still needs a coat of wax)

  2. Washed the trailer 🚐💦Getting taxes ready

  3. Got Sadie her nail trim 🐶

  4. Grocery shopped 🍏

  5. Planned out our route until the end of May 📝🗺


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