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Learned a Lesson

~Saturday, May 8, 2021~

Day 328

There is some interesting bird I’ve never heard before that has made his presence known at our campground. It’s a pleasant sound, and must say way better than the generator sound we had a few nights ago. Heavy winds all night, but no rain. It’s so windy that the trailer does move a bit. Nice to have a relaxing morning before a day at the beach.

Before we got to the beach to do some more 4 wheelin’, we pulled over along with everyone else, to lower the PSI in our tires.

But this time, we went down to 30 ( a big improvement over yesterday), not quite down to the recommendation of 20. Jeff was concerned that deflating the tires too much would put too much weight on the rims. But, oh my goodness, what a difference. Much more grip and thus, more control. Boy, a Jeep Rubicon sure would be fun right about now. (my dream vehicle). We entered the same way we came in yesterday. Quite a windy day, but a perfect 73 degrees and very few clouds. It helped to have the truck on the beach too, since it was our wind/sun shield for most of the afternoon.

Nice to spend the entire day there, which was quite a change from our quick 20 minute visit yesterday due to the lightning/rain. Sadie had a ball (see video) while I collected shells (yes, I put them back out to sea). We were also entertained by a seagull dive bombing a live fish in a shell, a group of pelicans flying by, lots of kite surfers quickly dashing across the water and horses trotting along with their riders.

When it came time to leave, with Sadie all tuckered out and thirsty, we decided to exit a different, less steep, sandy area from the beach (we had checked this out earlier in the day). With the combination of lower tires and a better exit, we got back onto the access road with no problems. I noticed when we arrived back at our campsite we could actually hear the ocean much better today. Maybe the wind direction is affecting it. We’ll take it.

While I worked on posts/photo editing,Jeff whipped up a batch of San Carlos Chili 🌶(one of our favorite RV dishes) and cornbread. With the temperature quickly dropping, it was the perfect dish for a windy, chilly night.

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