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Finally Seeing My Sis and Broham

~Friday, August 7, 2020~

Day 54

While I had my morning cup of Joe and did some journal writing, I was entertained by Sadie and Lucy, chasing each other around in the enormous front area of Mimi and Dave’s property. Jeff partially leveled the trailer out so we could unhitch the truck for the remainder of our time here. The weather was perfect. We had a nice visit catching up on our families over a delicious breakfast that Mimi had made. And before you knew it, it was time to head out to see Christy and Shane (Mimi and Dave’s daughter and son-in-law) in Sherwood, to get a glimpse of their new project/renovation.

As we drove, I couldn’t get over how beautiful the area was with green and lush forests that go on forever. The drive was only 10 minutes to Sherwood. Mimi and Dave had a quick appointment to attend. while Jeff and I met up with Christy and Shane. We have not seen them since they left California to live in Oregon over 15 years ago. Their 23 year-old daughter, Adina joined us, where we had not seen her since she was a toddler. O.k. now I’m really feeling old. Where does the time go? They gave us a tour of their ambitious project….a modest (maybe 7 tenants) mercantile type building in downtown Sherwood. One of the tenants is a seamstress and on the corner, a coffee shop. In one of the spaces, Christy and Shane will also establish their own shop which they’ve decided to call Cedar and Stone (C&S for Christy and Shane). Very cool! The shop will have a few consignment vendors in there with flowers, plants and home furnishings. The downtown appears quite small but very charming. Mimi and Dave purchased the building with the agreement that Christy and Shane renovate the whole thing, in which the building will eventually be theirs. I’m sure Mimi and Dave didn’t have to ask Shane twice, as he always needs a project. This one...a complete labor of love. They occupied the building in March with the goal of a grand opening on Labor Day weekend. It truly is an amazing feat when they still hold their regular jobs on top of a renovation to tackle. Luckily their home is just a few blocks away, as well as their office (previously a home built in the early 1900’s), which they also hope to renovate one day. It’s all so Chip and Joanna Gaines like, where they’re really establishing roots here and giving this gift to their community. They will someday, if not already, know everyone in town I’m sure. We wish them all the best and can’t wait to come back some day to see the finished product. After our tour, Mimi and Dave treated everyone to lunch at Fat Milo’s (they all know the owner), where Sadie benefitted from extras on the ground. What an opportunist she is.

We then took a walk over to Christy and Shane’s office building (the old house) and then a stone’s throw to their house. They’ve done nothing yet to the office space except some landscaping. With their home they’ve redone the front elevation, including garage door, fencing and landscaping. Shane is a “Superman” when it comes to landscaping. Beautiful job!

From that wonderful visit, we drove over to Lake Oswego, to stay with Tim and Tracy (my sister and brother-in-law) for only a few days as we have to work around their at-home work schedule. Then we’ll return to Mimi and Dave’s. It’s been about 6 months since I’d seen my sister. Way too long. They have a very charming 3-story condo they are renting close to downtown. So nice to chill and catch up on everything. We included Sadie on a hike to the shady, lush Iron Mountain Trail in Tryon State Park. Absolutely beautiful.

Then we came back through a gorgeous neighborhood where every house looked like it came out of a storybook or magazine. I don’t know….this city might be another possibility for us. We shall see. The median price of a home in Lake Oswego is around $275,000.

Getting late, we decided to get some Tai take-out and open a little bubbly. They even opened the sparkling wine we gave them from Potter’s Vineyard. Delicious! It’s so great to be here with family!

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