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Counting Sheep

~Saturday, September 26, 2020~

Day 104

This place is so peaceful, with just the occasional sound of an ATV or two, as it’s the perfect place for them to motor around. Lots of traffic coming through our forested area today (apparently there’s another valley behind us (not as scenic as the valley we’re looking at), but there’s quite a few hunters, ATVer’s, RVer’s back there, and it is the weekend. Other than that, we had a very peaceful day at our site. It was good to just have a chill day and not go anywhere. The winds were moderate with a lot of dust getting churned up around us. So much for my dusting/vacuuming. The road coming in here, is just a gravel, dusty road which does not lend itself well to a newly washed perky looking truck. You can’t even tell now that we ever washed it. At least the inside held up a bit.

Between reading his new Ken Follett novel, Jeff spent the day getting the truck reorganized, airing out the black/gray tank appliances and gathering firewood. Gathering firewood, as long as it’s already dead and on the ground is o.k. to use for campfires, when you’re in a BLM area. He gathered quite a bit (I guess we’re helping clean the forest a little bit...right?). And since we’re out in booney land, we made a list of supplies we need to get while we’re touring around tomorrow.

It’s nice not having the internet for once, taking a break from our website and posts (don’t get me wrong. I love keeping you guys in the loop. It’s just nice to have a respite). I spent the day finishing up the last of our photo albums (I know, I know...pretty archaic). But I’m proud I’ve kept them up all of these years and hope our kids, grandkids, great grandchildren (if they’re not burned by then) will find them entertaining. I think these last 3 albums put us at 48 photo albums altogether (the majority are being stored at Mom Trom’s) from the day Jeff and I were married to the beginning of our FootprintsOnWheels adventure. I’ve decided, with a lot of nagging from my brother-in-law, to get with the times and just store our future memories in the cloud and my 2 TB external backup drive only. It will be nice to have one less thing to keep up, and I’m sure our children will be happy not to have to store another 48 photo albums down the road.

While Jeff and I were having lunch, some movement caught our eye just in front of the trailer. Before you knew it, the 3 or 4 sheep that were heading our way, turned into a HUGE herd of them being led by 4 herding dogs and 1 horseman through the narrow path next to our site, through to the next valley.

Maybe they move them to a lower elevation for the winter? There must have been 300-400 of them. You certainly don’t see that everyday. I’m loving all the animals we’re seeing on this trip….big horned sheep, alpacas, sheep, bison. Not sure what Sadie thinks though?!

Here’s just a little snippet of what we’re seeing right outside our door and it doesn’t cost a dime to stay here. Truly heaven on earth.

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