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Catching Our Breaths

~Wednesday, May 5, 2021~

Day 325 (Happy Cinco de Mayo!!🇲🇽)

A nice morning with my delicious cup of coffee ☀️☕️, wonderful scenery 🌳and the sounds of the forest 🦜. I’m really digging the revolving backyard idea.

After a light breakfast, we went straight into planning mode. We’ve had the majority of the year all figured out with the exception of June and November. In June, we’ll be back in Kentucky to see more of this beautiful state. And really the only thing we got to see in Tennessee, which was a HUGE deal, was The Great Smoky Mountains, so we’ll be back there again as well; this time to include visiting family.

As we’ve been booking things, there are so many things to keep in mind, i.e. hot vs. cold, do we need 50A or 30A, can we get away with no hookups as long as we’re in shade, can we run a generator? Another item we take into consideration is the demand for the areas we’re visiting. For example, knowing how popular Michigan is in the summer, that was one of the first places we booked. Another one that comes to mind is campsites that are in the heart of the Fall Peeper season. You have to hop on those spots way early. The spots that aren’t as popular, you can risk booking a little more last minute. And to be honest, we were so consumed with so much route planning and bookings for a 10 month span, we let June kind of get away from us a little. And here we are…..already May! What, we’re almost half through 2021? It’s so cliche, but time really does fly when you’re having fun.

It’s hard to believe we’ll have a whole year figured out in the next few days. Now with June all booked, that leaves November which routes us back to our home state of California for the Holidays. At least we figured out which route we are taking and the cities we want to visit along the way. Now, it’s the lodging that’s left. We’ll have a whole month of getting from Boston to California. Some places will be a bit rushed, others, more relaxed. This time of year, spontaneity isn’t the name of the game. For November we had to factor in whether or not we’ll need hookups as we’ll initially be in some pretty cold weather, until we get south. And as you may or may not know, there are very few options for boondocking on the east coast. It kind of kills us that we could take a more direct route that cuts right across the U.S., but we just aren’t willing to risk driving over huge mountain passes in snowy, cold, icy conditions doesn’t sound like fun! So, we’re opting for a southerly, westerly route. Yeh…...we’ll be able to see New Orleans after all!! Though we won’t be adding a lot of new stickers to our map, we’ll be seeing a lot of new and cool stuff in the coming months.

We didn’t get the WeBoost put up this trip, but we’re happy we got another month planned and booked. Can’t do everything, though I did manage to do some overdue Spring cleaning on the inside of the rig, while Jeff washed the outside. Feels good to get a lot accomplished while we were at this very restful, quiet spot.

And I’m sure Hank also enjoyed the much deserved rest.

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