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A Chill Day

~Wednesday, August 12, 2020~

Day 59

Wow, homemade scones with a wonderful cup of coffee. Perfect way to wake up thanks to Mimi. Today was a perfect day to get some things done before hitting the road tomorrow. Jeff mostly worked on trailer/truck maintenance stuff since he had the opportunity of full hookups and a large area to wash the trailer. I worked on gathering information that we would be sending to Ford Motor for the expenses we incurred while stranded in Bakersfield. We’re also seeking an extended warranty at no cost to us. Keep fingers crossed. After many persistent phone calls I managed to get a live person at HP to help Mimi get her printer problems fixed. She’s been without a printer for 2 months. After an hour or so, we got it back up and running. I ended up talking to a really nice tech support guy in the Philippines with the noise of roosters in the background. You don’t hear that everyday. Most of HP’s staff are working from home. It’s great for these workers to have options in keeping their jobs during this pandemic. Not everyone is so lucky.

It was so nice just being able to hang out at Mimi and Dave’s place today, not having to be anywhere. It’s kind of been a go, go, go scene lately. The outside temperature cooperated well enough for us to have our leftover taco dinner on the balcony, watching the sunset and reminiscing about old times.

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