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Worth the Move

~Friday, June 4, 2021~

Day 355

Break down and reset up day at the same campground at Loyston Point. We’re so excited to be lakeside and no matter how short the distance (in this case 9 campsites over), breaking down and setting up takes the same amount of time. An absolutely gorgeous day with a few clouds, I tried soaking it all in as much as possible. There’s nowhere else we’d rather be. We found out from camphosts Ginger and her husband Richie, that we snagged this primo site due to a cancellation.

Even with quite a slope, we managed to get in o.k. But what was funny, is that what normally takes us zero to three stacks high on the leveling blocks, took us five stacks high at this campsite.

I think we ended up using all of them, so thank goodness we just bought our third pack of those. Thank goodness we had a few trees on our site to give us a little shade while we set up. Since there isn’t a grocery store nearby, we made a small list for Tiffany and Sharon, of things we needed them to pick up on their way over. It turned out Sharon bought a pork loin instead of tenderloin so we told her to keep it for her next bbq. Pork loin would have taken too long to cook. So we opted for our 40 clove garlic pasta with spinach salad and garlic Naan. It was such a fun day to chill, have some ball time in the water for Sadie, play a little cornhole,

have more ball time for Sadie, and just enjoy the day and our amazing playground. On the ground, Sharon discovered in between us and another site, a mother guarding her Sandpiper nest with 4 eggs. Sandpipers like to nest in short marsh grass (man that would be difficult to keep safe). Thank goodness Sadie did not discover it.

The dinner was delicious followed by Tiffany’s first S’more experience.

Here I am offering S’mores to everyone, but with no sticks to speak of around our campsite. Impromptu…...duct tape 2 bamboo skewers together and voila….instant roasting stick. With the dark setting in and the long drive back, Tiffany and Sharon needed to head home. But we won’t let time go by like it has to see each other again. And who knows, Knoxville could be a real estate possibility.

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