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Whew! That's a Lot of Planning

~Sunday, March 28, 2021~

Day 287

It took the whole day, but we just booked our lodging for the entire month in Maine. I know, I know the entire day? These days, the stars nearly have to align for everything to schedule perfectly,, i.e. pricing and keeping in our budget (doesn’t always happen), location in relation to the things we want to sitesee, weather, days lining up back to back; with all these factors and then some, it’s all very time consuming. But we’re stoked that it’s done. Now for New Hampshire and Vermont for the Fall foliage 🍁peak. Cross your 🤞!! I guess you’ve figured out that this trip will go beyond 365 days. We’ve decided with the crazy real estate market, and low inventory for buyers (it looks like it’s forecasted to be this way for all of 2021), we’ve got time to wait it out until things calm down.

It was a bit frustrating that we didn’t get to tour around Greenville today, but we need to realize that every city won’t be getting our undivided attention. Everyday is not a vacation, though it appears that way. We still have all the usual obligations, just from a trailer. For Greenville, we just needed the affirmation that this is a city we’d consider moving to. Affirmed! Hoping tomorrow, with it being our last day before moving on, that we can tour a few suburbs of Greenville.

After our hours of trip planning, I needed some exercise. Jeff stayed back at the campsite to get back into his book while Sadie and I took an hour long hike at the lake. Over by the spillway, across the road, our timing was perfect as I saw the most beautiful sight. A group of about 5 or 6 horses running to their paddock. I had heard a “call” from someone, when the horses came running from a wooded area, across the stream (below the spillway), and up to their sleeping quarters I would guess, since it was about dusk. With a beautiful home and a white picket fence, rolling green hills, and lovely forest setting, it looked like a scene from a movie. I love horses to begin with, but when you see them running free, there’s nothing like it. I thought Sadie would get excited seeing them, but she actually didn’t think much of it. Maybe she had more interesting things to look the lake behind us.…...that water dog 🐶

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