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Where There's Blueberries, There's Pie

~Saturday, August 22, 2020~

Day 69

I’m not sure what woke me up at 5:30 this morning. But some little voice must have whispered in my ear to get up to witness an amazing sunrise. I wasn’t quite ready to fully get up yet, but I was ready with a camera in hand. I should get up for sunrises more often.

Today was a great day to just unwind at our site at the blueberry farm. I spent most of the morning and early afternoon editing photos, blog stuff and answering emails. We also said goodbye to our new friend Monty, who decided to move and not stay an additional night. We’ll definitely keep in touch with him. As the day wore on to mid afternoon, other Harvest Host guests started trickling in, with the place nearly full by 5:00. We’re guessing there were 8 RV’s total with this being the farm’s first year hosting travelers. We’re so glad they did.

Originally we were going to go to downtown Sandpoint, but Jeff changed his mind and just wanted a chill day. So we went down the main road from here, to the dock we went to a few days ago. With it being Saturday, it was a bit more crowded than last time with fishermen, jet skis and boats cruising by with their “Make America Great Again” flags. Sadie had a blast swimming and playing ball while Jeff and I were entertained with a nest of Osprey chicks and their parents high on a telephone pole, right near the dock. One of the adult birds would stay and keep watch, while the other left to find food. An older woman came down the main road to the dock area to ask if anyone was interested in a 6-pack of abandoned cold beer that she found on the side of the road. Now, if it had been Pliny, we would have definitely accepted her offer. Once we found out it was Bud Light, we pointed her in the direction of two young fishermen on the dock. Perfect! We had fun taking a walk in the neighborhood admiring all of the lakefront homes and large lot sizes. The skies are so clear here, leaving you to see mile after mile of forested mountains. And the air smells sooooo clean. We’re so fortunate right now, that with all of the wildfires going on, we’re in a state that has not been affected by smoke.

Enjoying the evening at our site, watching more and more RVer’s show up at the blueberry farm, we noticed the owner’s dog got loose, wanting to say “hi” to arriving guests. Jeff saw Stan’s wife trying to catch him, so lured her dog to him with a little “fake treat” which he fell for. I swear, dogs help bring people together in funny ways. We may not have met Stan’s wife otherwise.

We made a call to Wallace RV Park to see if they had any availability for August 30-Sept. 1 and they did. Now that we know there’s a spot for us, we emailed our host, Montana Chickee to see if we could push back our reservation by 2 days to allow us to spend more time in Wallace, ID. Not a problem, so everything lined up perfectly. Tonight was fun just hanging out here and taking Sadie on a little walk around the farm. But that was cut short when we met some fellow RVer’s from Casper, Wyoming who own a tree farm and just became Harvest Hosts themselves. And everyone here tonight owns a dog, so Sadie’s enjoying meeting new friends too!

Since this was our last night here, we made sure to buy Riley’s homemade blueberry pie. The shed is right next to our site that is open 24/7 during picking season. So Jeff just walked over around 10:00, put a $10 bill in the cashbox, and walked back over with a frozen blueberry pie. We could hardly wait to try it as it took about an hour to bake it just right. Delicious and well worth the wait!!

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