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Where's the Water?

~Tuesday, November 17, 2020~

Day 156

Dry Camping (boondocking) definitely has its challenges, but the trade off is free camping and usually, the most beautiful sites. It’s really fun, (as long as the weather is decent) to mix in the dry camping with the hook-up sites. We like the variety anyway and it helps us stay in budget. RV parks and state campgrounds can get expensive, as our last place was $62/night. One of the challenges today was finding potable water begging the question, where does everyone else in this area get their resupply? Sedona is very RV friendly, but not water friendly. Do you suppose it would have something to do with being in the desert? After a lot of searching, we finally found a spot, the next town over (Cottonwood), where their Fairgrounds include an RV park. After running into the RV host there, we told him our situation, hoping he would just throw in 20 gallons of water for free. Ah, no. Whether you’re dumping or not, the rate is $10. And we didn’t come prepared with cash. So we said we’d be back and moseyed our way to the closest Safeway. We had shopping to do anyway. When we returned, we made our payment and promptly filled up (4) collapsible bottles (5 gallons each) which we typically load in the back seat, which is Sadie’s domain, leaving her very little wiggle room. While we’re at it, we might as well get gas too. It’s the most expensive we’ve seen in a while at $2.50/gallon for diesel. Colorado’s prices were $1.90 to $2.05. But every state taxes differently so there you have it.

We had plans to head into downtown Sedona today, but opted for getting back to our site since it was already late afternoon. After getting the fresh water tank refilled (check out this video on our YouTube channel), we took a walk down the road from our site to take in the scenery and check out the signs for how far it is to the ruins which is about 5 miles down the road from our site. We’re thinking about biking there one of the days we’re here to check them out. We ran into a few fellow RVer’s. There’s quite a hubbub of activity tonight as people are settling in. This HUGE dispersed camping area is full of RVer’s/campers, leaving you comforted knowing you’re not alone but spread apart enough to make you feel that you are. Beautiful, peaceful place.

Lastly, I have to give a shout out to my awesome mom for loaning us these amazing non-breakable dishes.

Very stylish, and love the varied patterns.

If you want the manufacturer, drop us a line and we’ll get that to you.

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