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Where is the Water?

~Thursday, April 7, 2022~

Day 662 (Travel Day)

We really enjoy the days where we’re not pressed for time to get to the next destination. There were 2 reasons today that allowed for that scenario: 1. We’re boondocking and don’t have to bend to check-out rules, and 2. Our next spot was only a 2-½ hour drive, allowing for a good arrival time (before dark). We headed out around 12:30 for destination “dump station” near Mather Campground back in the park. This time, we remembered LANE #1!!! But we had a little issue when we handed the park attendant an expired annual pass. “I’m sorry sir, this card is invalid, expired last year,” he said. Self-assured, Jeff said, “No it’s not.” After a few back and forths, Jeff realized he must have forgotten to throw the expired card away, not grabbing the new one. Don’t argue with the guy that has the scanner!

Though we still have a few things to check out in Arizona, we basically say goodbye today as we are just inside Utah, only minutes from the Arizona state line, back to Mountain Time Zone. Looks like we’ll be 1 hour ahead of family and friends for a long time! Our stay in the Grand Canyon State has absolutely been amazing and a worthwhile haven these past 3 months of winter. If you look at our list of everything we did or still want to do, you’ll see why it’s in our top 5 of any state we’ve visited……beautiful sunsets, awesome resorts and spas, wonderful Native American history, plenty of hiking trails, the most spectacular night skies, lively cities and of course home to one of the 7 Natural Wonders in the world. We will miss you!

Moving to our next boondocking location via the Desert View Scenic Drive, we decided to revisit The Watchtower.

Desert View offers some of the best unobstructed views of the Grand Canyon, with The Watchtower, designed by famed architect Mary Colter, as one of its highlights. Colter, inspired by ancient Native American watchtowers, designed the iconic building around 1932. Unfortunately, only the main level was open today with a small gift shop, Native American art and windows on its 360-degree perimeter offering more stunning views of the canyon. Thankfully, we were able to view the upper levels the last time we were here. We also stopped in the Trading Post which offers authentic goods from Native American craftsmen, artists and artisans. A worthwhile stop for sure!

From there, we continued along scenic Highway 64 in awe of the unusual landscape, juxtaposed to the forested landscape we’ve been surrounded by, as of late. When we finally arrived at our boondocking spot at Lone Rock Recreational Area (Lake Powell), we were in awe of this unique beauty, even if the water levels are at historic lows.

I say unique because I don’t recall being at any lake that has a landscape that I imagine Mars to be. Just a few days ago, the area was hit with nasty winds, sandblasting anything in its path. But today, we have utter calmness. Let’s hope it stays that way.

After heeding the deep sand warnings for rigs entering the dispersed camping area, we decided to survey the area first, as the best way to enter to avoid getting stuck. With the receding waters offering more land mass to get down to water, I’m sure people push their limits getting closer to the water. Much of where the camping is, would generally be under water right about now with the Spring run-off. Our choice…..the quiet end, right in front of the monolithic rock, Lone Rock. Most of the other RVer’s are squished into the other end, closer to the water views, but our view is just as nice, with water views in the distance. Before the water levels dropped to historic lows, this was one of the few areas where you could drive directly to the water’s edge and camp right on the shoreline. Without a doubt, this “arm” of Lake Powell is the perfect camping spot. $30.00/week includes access to bathroom facilities, a dump station, potable water, killer views, and close to shopping. What’s not to like? Wind, if you encounter any, is the only downside unless you don’t mind your truck and rig getting exfoliated. We’re crossing our fingers with the increase in temps, that we won’t have any of that.

Just a 10-minute drive from our boondocking spot is a town called Page, which has a Safeway and a WalMart among other things. Actually a lot of hotels too. Hallelujah…’s time to stock up!

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