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Where Do We Put it All?

~Thursday, July 9, 2020~

Day 25

A day spent doing errands and such. Because of the hot weather and not being able to run the air conditioners off of DC power because of where we’re staying, we can’t leave Sadie in the trailer. So far, it hasn’t been too challenging bringing her along, as one of us shops and the other stays with her in the nice air conditioned car.

One of our stops….grocery shopping, which we try to do once a week, with Trader Joe’s as our preference. The challenge is where to store it all. Initially those first few days after shopping, things trickle over into the bathroom cupboards or under the bed, then slowly make their way back to the kitchen cupboards as we use things.

We got back to the site just 20 minutes before the kids arrived.

It’s such a treat when we get to see Easton again, as Hannah and Jacob understandably split their time. And tonight he had his first lesson in playing Cornhole. For him, it was all about just walking up to the board and dropping them in the hole, until the distractions of planes, helicopters, sirens or trucks came by. And he was patient waiting his turn while the grownups had their time. Carson was of course a little content angel as long as he had a full tummy and a clean diaper. When we laid him on the blanket outside, he even managed to roll over, with a little help of a slight downward slope (so maybe we shouldn’t call this an official rollover). Exciting. And before you know it, he’ll be walking.

After the kids left, then the cleanup. Wow, 1 day, and the gray tank is already full. How will we ever boondock?

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