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What Goes Bump in the Night

~Tuesday, September 21, 2021~

Day 464

Interesting night…..Jeff was awakened at 4:00 a.m. by a crashing sound. Funny neither Sadie and I heard a thing. Anyway, Jeff went out to investigate and discovered the campstove had been knocked off the stove table and the propane tank knocked over. Our theory is that a racoon jumped from the picnic table to where it smelled food (on the campstove), and shook things up a bit, before darting off. I’m sure the sound scared it away. It could have been a bear, but don’t think they have any bear issues here. A racoon is more likely.

We spent a lovely day in the Old Port section of downtown Portland. With its cobblestone streets, boutiques, and lively food

scene next to the waterfront, it is well worth visiting. Even though its population is only around 66,000, the city seems very spread out and quite large. We popped into a few shops...Stonewall Kitchen & Pantry (known for their yummy jams), LeRoux Kitchen (love, love, love kitchen shops since we cook so much), a toy store (so nice to be able to go into an old toy store still) while Jeff went next door to a well-stocked book store. My grandson’s 4th birthday is coming up, so we wanted to get him something special. As we made our way to the waterfront, a Gin tasting room

called Sweetgrass Winery & Distillery, caught Jeff’s eye...the Martini guy that he is. We had fun sharing a few selections of dessert wines and gin, one of which received a 95 score by Wine & Spirits. Even for me not having a discerning palate for Gin, I thought it was good. So we bought a bottle of the Back River. One thing is for sure…..the coastal communities are sure dialed in with their shopping offerings. Then we walked the marina area, before heading back to our campsite.

While Jeff whipped up a fabulous sage, rosemary wine & pancetta pasta dish, we tuned into the Giants game. Still in first place with one game ahead!! ⚾️👏

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