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What Are the Chances?

~Tuesday, August 31, 2021~

Day 443 (Travel Day)

A late night for me last night, catching up on posts and such, now that we’re back in civilization. So it was nice that my hubby let me sleep in a bit longer than usual, while he and Sadie went into town to fill up on gas and map out our route for today. I should have gotten to the maple store a little earlier before the tour bus groups beat me to the punch. I had to forgo my maple latte for my average cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, this short stint in Vermont is a teaser until we return in a few months. Today, we’re headed for the state of Maine. The last time we were in Maine was about 25 years ago in the late summer, before the Fall Peeper show. We can’t wait to really immerse ourselves in the Maine way of life since we’ll be staying for about a month in various towns. Our first stay will be at Megunticook Campground in Rockport, Maine.

Our drive took us through quite a few mountains which is always hard on the truck. “Hank” was probably asking us to make up our mind….up or down! Pick one, would ‘ya!! We drove by 2 towns that we’re definitely keeping on our radar…..Bethlehem, NH and Littleton, NH. Bethlehem is a quaint village-like town that offers old-fashioned festivals, concerts, art shows, music, antique shops and beautiful inns and B & B’s in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Littleton is very similar, but slightly bigger in population (around 8,000), with its historic buildings lined by cobblestone streets, artisan shops, craft breweries, acres of pristine wilderness and miles of stunning coastline.

When we arrived to our campground, we immediately knew we were at a great place. Set among a lot of trees with most sites right next to Penobscot Bay, we drove up to site 51. No one behind us and a slight view of the bay. If you walk down to the waterfront, they have a lovely seating area with a view of Indian Island Lighthouse and surrounding islands. We’re going to have to drag ourselves out of bed early one of these mornings before we leave, to check out the awesome sunrise. We met a very sweet couple from Florida enjoying their East Coast tour.

As we were walking around, and it was nearly dark, I made a slight detour to check out the laundry facilities while Jeff waited for me. When I returned, Jeff explained that he had just seen a couple (though it was pretty dark out), who reminded him of the couple we met in Tucson, early on in our adventures. I asked Jeff if they had a black dog. He said yes. Since we follow eachother on Instagram, Jeff asked me to check their recent posts, and sure enough, they were in Maine. We said, it had to be them. So we walked around, near dark, to see if we could find their site. I remembered they had a black pickup, and vaguely remembered what their travel trailer looked like. We found a black truck, with California plates. It had to be them. So I immediately messaged Holly to see if they happened to be staying at a campground called Megunticook. Bingo!! What are the odds, right? One in a million! Here we are from one side of the United States to another, with miles in between, and we end up at the same campground about 10 campsites apart. Can’t wait to meet up with them tomorrow with so much to catch up on.

Chatted for a short bit with my bestie on the West Coast. The fires and smoke are so bad back in California which appears to be the new normal I guess. We just feel so badly for the residents of California right now, wishing we could share a little East Coast weather.

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