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What a View For a Phone Call

~Thursday, April 22, 2021~

Day 312

A beautiful sunny day and must take advantage of this golden delight!! Temps are still chilly….in the mid 50’s. The low last night was 27 degrees. Gosh, I feel so sorry for those tent campers. I love tent camping, but not 27 degree camping. Honestly, I feel guilty when we’re running our heater inside the trailer, right next to a camper whose greatest source of heat is their small campfire. When it’s this cold, I feel like we should be inviting them in for a glass of vino, a game of “Left, Right, Center”, and warm home baked chocolate chip cookies.

Man, there are a lot of tent campers here and our specific loop has the majority of those as opposed to RV’s. And I must say, this national park is totally dialed in (not a surprise since they always seem to do a great job). Their trail maps and their campground maps are awesome. The campground map even denotes which sites fit trailers 27 feet and above. Nice! We’ve already noted our favorites.

The first paragraph above was written this morning. My optimism was soon deflated when we instead, had other things to take care of. Such is life which sometimes does not go as smoothly as we want. Despite a trip of a lifetime with my honey, and the fact we are having the time of our lives, there are the normal day in, day out things we still have to deal with on the road. My one “gem” part of the day was when I was parked at a “cell signal” parking lot looking out over the Hemlock, Dogwood and Magnolia trees against a clear, blue sky. Fingers crossed we can explore much more of this stunning landscape of the Great Smokies.

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