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Welcome Weather

~Tuesday, May 4, 2021~

Day 324

What a swing from what we woke up to yesterday; from cold and dreary, heater running weather to a beautiful, clear, sunny, day with a welcome breeze. And we love our campsite just about as much as Sadie since she has her perfect, large bit of paradise behind us with the lovely, tall Bald Cypress trees and wispy tall grass to hide in. Score…...she found some other dog’s lost beef bone. Now we’re talkin’.

With the wet weather we had yesterday, it was important to open up the awnings to let them dry out. We’ve seen too many awnings look prematurely old due to mold. The breeze and sun should help today.

I had the perfect setting to play catch up on my writing, posts, and website updates….quiet and peaceful. Jeff spent his day planning out the WeBoost installation. After watching a few YouTube videos, he thinks he’s found a better way to hide those unsightly wires, so that all we have to stare at is the booster itself. The outside antenna is going on the ladder and the inside antenna is going on the mantle. Thankfully, it’s black so it should blend in with our existing darker finishes. But first, to purchase an extra 10’ of coaxial cable, then running the wires and getting in contortionist positions to install it is what’s in store for my hubby. Of course, I’ll always be available for a camera in his face and tool passer at a moment’s notice. Stay tuned for our upcoming footage…..

Nice sunset, flank steak dinner with maple glazed Brussel Sprouts and roasted potatoes. What a way to top off a productive day!

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