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Weather Scare

~Wednesday, March 17, 2021~

Day 276

Storm warnings in our neck of the woods, so time to pull out our weather radio once again. In fact, we’ll probably have it on either in the trailer or on in the truck, until we get to Maine. It seems, so far, that the tornado warnings are to the west and the east of us, but what we are expected to get is golf ball size hail, wind and lightning. The weather service is predicting that this upcoming tornado season will likely be as severe as 2012 but with more intensity at the onset of the season.

Hard to believe there is a Wal-Mart in this neck of the woods (about 8 miles away). Time to stock up for the next 6 days that we’ll be here, though the forecast is saying this storm shall pass after tomorrow night. In any case, we also thought it would be a good time to get the laundry done too while we’re at it. In getting coins for the laundry at the office (I’ve never understood why they don’t have change machines in campground laundry facilities), the office manager and I were chatting about the incoming storm as well. When a local is a little worried, it definitely makes this traveler a little more uneasy. 😳⛈⚡️ Maybe getting a fun movie for tonight from the $1.00 DVD collection would calm me down a little?

While I was taking care of laundry, Jeff spent the afternoon in the kitchen (lucky me!!). The selections: Chili and Pulled Pork. I don’t take part in the Pulled Pork sandwiches, but I do get to benefit from the amazing aroma . First was letting the spice rub sit on the pork until oven time…..around 4:00 a.m. In the meantime, the chili was coming together until Jeff realized we forgot to buy beans this morning. So while I was up the ‘hill” waiting for my final load to dry, and I had the truck, I offered to head back to Wal-Mart.

The voting is in for the chili…...another 1st place winner! 🥇This time, the perfect amount of spice and flavor and might I say, the perfect amount of beans!! Now let’s pray that that storm doesn’t blow us into the Tallulah River! 😝🌪

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