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~Wednesday, October 7, 2020~

Day 115

Can’t wait to get out and explore this breathtaking area. But first, a few items of business. We’ve still been battling with Ford on their follow through on what they said they’d do for us….reimbursement for our lodging and gas while the truck was being repaired (3 weeks mind you), and their premier extended warranty plan which apparently gets added to the system by your VIN #. The customer service has been incredibly difficult to deal with to the point of astonishment. It would have been nice to get a phone call explaining where things stand, something, any kind of communication. But they put the burden on the customer to handle it. I swear it seems the case these days that you have to be your own advocate for EVERYTHING! Ugh!! What we did find out, is they sent the reimbursement yesterday, but had no idea where the extended warranty stood. So stay tuned on that one.

A few more items of business…..getting our website “LIVE” on Google searches. With the keywords...blogger, travel, RV, RV Supplies, our website will now come up on the Google Search Engine. So exciting.

That took me a few hours to complete. And lastly, getting our welcome video out to our friends and family. We had sent this out through Wix a month or so ago, but apparently due to their third party application, there were some glitches which caused that video to go into most of our contact’s junk or SPAM folders. So to fix that problem, I sent it directly through our email and voila, we’re getting responses. Thanks everyone for tuning in and supporting our journey. We hope to see you on the road, whether we have an invitation 🤪😉, or you come connect with us wherever we are.

Before we left, while I finished up things on my end, Jeff took Sadie on a long walk since we were heading into Ouray without her. We wanted to go into shops and check out the brew scene. The plan was to take the Upper Cascade Falls today, but we got such a late start we’re going to do it tomorrow.

Originally established by miners seeking gold/silver back in 1876, the town of Ouray has a population now of about 1000 people. It’s in a box canyon situated right below the San Juan Mountains. So you are surrounded by these beautiful, forested mountains with the added bonus of witnessing the Aspens glorious Fall display.

And there are fewer tourists. With COVID, we’ d have a hard time getting into any restaurant/bar since their seating is much more limited with the 6’ apart rule. A few of the spots we wanted to go to for dinner were full because of their smaller seating capacity. We went into a few shops (I bought a new baseball cap, proudly advertising Ouray), and we purchased a new book at the quaint, well stocked bookstore called appropriately enough, The Ouray Bookshop. The owner recommended the perfect history type book called Tomboy Bride. You can check it out on our Bookroom Page on our website. Then for some grub-stopped at a local pub called Ouray Brewery. With a perfect rooftop seat, we enjoyed an ice cold brew while soaking in the sunshine and the amazing scenery. Then for dinner we went to Goldbelt Bar and Grill, splitting a vegetarian pizza and Caesar salad outdoors, with the heat lamp right next to us. The place was hoppin’. A fun tourist day!

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