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We're All Alone!

~Sunday, March 21, 2021~

Day 280

The vibe on Sunday mornings is not one for relaxing by a morning campfire or having a leisurely breakfast, but one for packing up, checking out by your 11:00 a.m. deadline and heading back to reality. Except at this campsite. It does bring back memories of the many weekends we couldn’t wait to get away with the kids, only to have it last from Friday night to Sunday morning, but still grateful that we got to do it in the first place. But if you think about it, it is kind of sad that in that timeframe, there is only 1 full day of the getaway. What’s up with that? Though I miss that precious family time in the great outdoors, I am appreciative of our “extended weekends” now, as everyday is a Saturday.

The most sightseeing we did today was right outside our trailer. It’s nice to have a relaxing Sunday, enjoying the sounds and views of the Tallulah River. Sadie even has her own little beach right outside the trailer. Slowing the pace down a bit, aiming for longer periods of time at each location (7 days as opposed to 3 or 4), has eased the mind and body a bit. At times, the pace was just too exhausting. There are times, however, that we are at the mercy of what is available, but if by choice, we wouldn’t stay anywhere less than 5 days.

Enjoyed the evening with a nice campfire (our neighbors were too) while Jeff had a nice broham chat with our brother-in-law Tim. We’re hoping it works out that they will be able to join us in Michigan soon. Crossing our fingers.

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