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We Made it to Homer!

~Sunday, August 14, 2022~

Day 791 (Travel Day-really!)

Day 55 of Alaska Trip

Somehow, we figured out a way to make the best of our situation over these last 9 days. But we realized as much as we love being in more remote surroundings, that having the combination of no hookups, no service, rainy days and the trip coming to a halt was not the ideal scenario. We are just so relieved that things turned out the way they did, only delaying us by days, not weeks.

We made the decision that last night’s stay would be our one and only in Soldotna and that we were ready to move on to Homer where we should have been over a week ago. Since we had a number of things to do in a span of 3 days in this cheerful coastal town of Homer, it was time to move on!

We hit the highway around noon, making our way south. Within the first 15 minutes, we encountered a number of crazy drivers at least 3 times. What is it about people who haven’t a care in the world that you’re having to immediately halt 6,000 pounds behind you just so they can be on their merry way? They clearly have never towed a thing in their life. Let’s hope this is the last day we witness any of that.

About half-way to Soldotna, we passed the fishing town of Ninilchik, one we have heard a lot about. It looked like they were in the midst of their county fair which would have been fun to check out. But with the trailer, it would make parking a little too challenging. We also learned that our axle troubles prevented us from seeing last weekend’s annual Salmonfest festival. Darn! So it looks like we’ll be back in a few days to see whatever else this historic little town has to offer.

Arriving in Homer, we pulled over at a few scenic overlooks and my oh my, now I see what all the fuss is about. With spectacular views of Kachemak Bay,

several volcanic peaks and the Kenai Mountains, it is one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to. The marina portion of Homer sits on a distinguishing feature called the Homer Spit, a narrow 4.5 mile long gravel bar that extends into the bay. Pretty cool! This would be where our campground, called the Fishing Hole, sits. It’s basically a “city” gravel parking lot right on the bay, and steps from the marina. But unlike the other full hookup RV sites, with views not quite as good as ours, we’re only paying $20/night as opposed to their $75-$100/night price tag. And we’re right on the water, at least when the tide is high.

The campground is a mixture of tourists and locals all of whom seem to LOVE fishing. Some even call this home for the summer, like our next door neighbor, Jordan. He is a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy, who embraces everything and everyone he meets. In 5 minutes, we knew his life story, eager to tell more. And you thought I was a talker…….he has me beat! Jordan is a divorced father of 2 teenage girls who, with his ex-wife, raise their daughters in Homer. He’s recently bought a home that he’s fixed up and rents as a VRBO unit during the summer months and then returns to for the duration of the winter. Otherwise, he lives here at the beach in his 200-square foot travel trailer, along with a few other locals. Either way, he’s at the marina’s beckon call to which he can arrive within 5 minutes. He is a pilot boat captain transporting maritime pilots between land and the inbound or outbound ships that they are in charge of. He’s been doing this for over 15 years and says in an unboastful way, that it’s pretty lucrative.

But this super friendly guy also came with a super friendly furry companion named Kevin, a labrador/golden retriever mix who Sadie took a liking to. In fact, this section of beach is home to many friendly dogs. She was certainly in doggie heaven taking part in all the ball chasing, stick throwing, swimming kind of good time. It’s occasions like this that makes us love Alaska. In general, there is a more laid back attitude with rules, trusting that tourists and residents will use their best judgment when it comes to making decisions. It’s been a rare thing in most states to have places where your dog has the freedom to roam. Jeff and I have always been proponents of using discretion…..if your dog is friendly and can respond to voice command, let it off leash. If it’s not friendly towards dogs or people, then use a leash, or leave it at home, or better yet……TRAIN IT!!

Since we have these gorgeous views of the water, I thought it fitting to get our windows tidied up so we could at least

enjoy some of the landscape from inside our trailer. With all the cold, rainy days we’ve had lately, we were developing some condensation issues inside the trailer, not having had enough air circulation. And with that came some mildew. What was supposed to be a 30-minute project quickly turned into a 2-hour one, where I cleaned all 18 windows inside and out, including screens. Ah, now we can REALLY see those mountains! By the time I was finished, Jeff had gotten back from picking up gas for the generator, water for the fresh water tank, and food for our fridge. Now we’re good to go. Plus, we have a great neighbor, a beautiful view, and happy dogs…..what could be better?

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