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Warranty Details

~Thursday, June 25, 2020~

Day 11

Unvaried day, but got a lot done. Jeff was trying to dial in the propane tank fitting for the camp stove, cleaned the solar panel, and began the process of switching over from the standard battery to lithium. I spent the better part of my day figuring out which extended warranty plan to purchase and with what company. Basically if you sign up for an exclusionary coverage, most mechanical breakdowns are covered, just not cosmetic/wear and tear items. If it’s an inclusionary plan, there’s far fewer items that the policy will cover. In the end, KNOW what you are buying. Don’t assume anything. Example, just because your rig is in the shop for a broken water heater or failing fridge, the out-of-pocket expenses you incur will not be reimbursed (bummer) but there might be other options, like roadside coverages or your regular insurance that might reimburse those things. I also found out that the policy deductible we’re looking at covers each time it is in the shop, not for each item. There’s a lot of fine print stuff, so just be clear on what the policy does include.

Though I love beach camping, I’ve come to realize it’s not the most ideal place to stay when owning an RV. I feel like it’s a nonstop battle to keep things clean, especially the floors. Our outdoor rug has not arrived yet, so maybe that will really help. Each day is one step closer to trailer perfection as more things arrive and we dial in the RV.

Beautiful sunset as we walked the beach. It’s been so gloomy here the past 4-5 days, but at least we have decent temps (around 70). I guess I’d been taking the sunshine for granted before the June Gloom and now that the sun’s peaking through the scattered clouds, realize how much I‘ve missed it.

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