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Vaccine #2 Day

~Tuesday, June 8, 2021~

Day 359

Made a plan of what we wanted to do for the next 2 days in Chattanooga. One of which is the Tennessee Riverpark Bike Trail (a.k.a. Chattanooga Riverwalk) and the Lookout Mountain area in Georgia which is just minutes from the Tennessee border. We’ll see how things pan out after our second COVID vaccine scheduled for later today. 🥺

Not much to report today. Took care of a few things at the campsite before heading out for a few errands. We needed a few things at Camping World, i.e. water filters and a new chock (remember the one I flattened down to an inch-see May 28 post). Normally we prefer to get our RV goods online but when you’re in a pinch, Camping World does the trick.

Can’t wait to see downtown Chattanooga as our errands took us on the outskirts today. We’ll see how we feel tomorrow.

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