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Trailer Hospitality

~Friday, June 12, 2020~

Pre-Launch Day 4

A productive day spent buying provisions for the fridge and pantry. Unfortunately, the day started out with a sinus headache for me, which I hoped would go away with a hike and did not. Sadie and I took a much needed dog trip to Alston Dog Park (her version of Disneyland), where she went for a swim and finally got to run! While we did that, Jeff finally got a much needed haircut. Due to COVID, salons among other businesses were shut down leaving the option for a home haircut, which we all know is not possible for Jeff, with my lack of haircutting skills. Even with an appointment, the wait was 30 minutes so time for a little grocery shopping at my favorite store...Trader Joe’s. They always have so many cool items there. We also stopped by my bestie’s for a quick visit and to pick up the x-chocks and truck sun-visor we had ordered. Turbo was so excited to see his “girlfriend” once again. Michele is getting ready to put her house on the market, so we got a little tour with it staged, ready for its sale launch next week.

Back to the campsite, we got a little more organizing done, sifting the things we picked up from the storage unit. Unfortunately, we have to go back to the storage unit on Sunday for more things we can’t fit or found we couldn’t use after all. Smaller spaces really make you reevaluate what’s necessary. I’m sure after our 1 year trip is over and we’ve gotten used to our 200 square foot space, we’ll regret the huge amount of things we decided to store for 1 year. Ya never know...there could be a “tiny house” in our future.

We had a few tourists, our son Shane and his girlfriend Maddie, wanting to check out the new trailer, and later Michele, Sharayah and Turbo. We had some light horderves and a fun visit, then after everyone left, made our first official meal….Pasta Primavera and a bottle of Domaine Chandon Etoile, given to me by one of my favorite piano families, the Fishers.

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