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Treasured Friendships

~Thursday, December 9, 2021~

Day 543

Trying to soak in those rays while we can since a big storm is headed our way over the weekend. The crisp, cool wintery days are a welcome change from the warmer desert temps. Once we leave California, we’ll have plenty of time to experience the arid, dry winters in Arizona, along with all the other snowbirds. Yes, that is where we will be most of the winter.

Another work day for Jeff at Shane’s. He was able to finish wrapping the pipes and laying down a weed barrier around the perimeter of the yard. The plan is to put shredded bark over those areas along with some landscaping. Seeding the lawn is on hold for now until the big storm has passed. Definitely not an ideal time in trying to revitalize a lawn.

Since the purpose of coming to Napa was seeing old friends and visiting our son Shane, I’ve been counting the minutes to see my dear friend Karena. We have a friendship that goes back to our kid’s preschool days.

We’ve shared many experiences together over the years, and really miss her wonderful spirit. A retired nurse, she’s also one very talented, creative woman…..pottery, gardening and decorating are just some of her talents. The world is her oyster for sure. Maybe one day, I can talk her into moving closer to us 😉😘 We met at a gem of a park in Napa that has a short, hilly trail (1.5 miles), but a mighty view. I felt like I was briefly being transported to Tuscany, Italy.

It was so good to finally see each other after all these months and meet her darling Luca pup. Luca has the most beautiful hazel eyes under that furry Australian Labradoodle hair. Sadie gave her a brief greeting before taking off for the hills, chasing the moving shadows from the turkey vultures flying overhead. With Luca being a puppy, he has boundless energy and eagerness to make new friends. It was the perfect place to catch up, enjoy the sunshine and work in a little cardio.

I finally had my appointment with my orthopedic specialist via Zoom. I have slight tears between the Plantar Fasciitis and heel bone that have become calcified. Good news is that surgery is unnecessary and that I can really improve my heel with less invasive steps……Superfeet insoles, rolling the heel on a frozen water bottle, calf stretches and of course losing weight. He said even a 10-15 pound weight loss can make a huge difference (though I’d like to lose much more). So stay tuned for updates on my progress.

The latter part of my day was spent at Costco to pick up my bargain paper towels and return a few items. It was a bit tricky navigating the store due to changes in the floor plan since our last visit. One great thing they’ve added is self-checkout. Yes, there are people who actually walk out of Costco with only an item or two (like myself), so being able to do your own quick check out is a time saver.

Once darkness fell, Jeff and I met at Palisades for a refreshing beer and margarita while we shared details of our day. Since our days are rapidly flying by, we thought we’d head over to another one of our favorite restaurants for some Indian fare. We were a bit worried that this amazing restaurant might fall victim to the pandemic, but not only did it survive, it improved as well. The decor is much better with a warmer, more inviting interior. Our waiter even remembered us and asked where we’ve been all this time. Nice to know we’ve left a lasting impression. The food (Garlic Naan, Vegetable Korma, Tikka Masala and Basmati Rice) was just as we remembered it…..absolutely delicious and authentic. So glad we were able to fit this into our schedule!

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