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Trailer Gizmos

~Wednesday, July 1, 2020~

Day 17

I tell ya….everyday there’s so much to be done when you’re trying to dial in a new trailer. I keep telling myself it’s all part of the process. We called Lance today to get some questions answered about what model #’s we have for our kitchen sinks, bathroom, and shower, since the manuals are generic for all models. I’m making a list (likely overkill), of all of the appliances, electronic gizmos, down to the faucets in case down the road, we need repairs or replacements. In the process I found out that even though the faucets look the same in the kitchen and bathroom, they are different manufacturers. Had a bit of laundry to do and it’s nice that it’s so convenient and an added bonus….it’s right on the beach. Then headed out for a few errands. On the list….getting our fire extinguisher repaired. We somehow lost the pin, so somewhere during our travels, leaked. Turns out it was manufactured nearly 30 years ago, where refilling them is not even an option. So he offered us a rebuilt one made in 2009 (much better) for only $18.00. I’ll take it! Then I thought I’d try my new app, GasBuddy, to find the least expensive gas. It also locates the closest diesel stations to your location. Pretty cool so definitely check it out. I was a happy camper to find $2.99/gallon. Gosh I remember the days when we previously owned diesel trucks and we were paying around $4.20/gallon. To fill up one tank was around $130, now around $85. Last stop to my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s. Hannah, Devin and Carson had arrived just before me where I immediately went into grandma mode. Gosh, Carson is precious! We all took turns holding him while we played three rounds of cornhole, each winning a game (Devin and I against Hannah and Jeff). The champions….Hannah and Jeff. Sorry Devin...I dragged us down. Playing until near dark, we finally had some dinner of pizza and Caesar salad next to a wonderful fire (outside). Great way to cap off the day.

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