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Trader Joe's, Here I Come!

~Friday, September 18, 2020~

Day 96

Pre-day wedding. Very exciting. We’re so happy Ken and Bertie found each other-they are so meant to be. We drove over to their place in the early afternoon with things surprisingly calm. I would be an absolute basket case if I were having a wedding at my house. Their party tent had just arrived since most of the wedding will be outside. Poor Ken and Bertie were kind of thrust into the venue being at their home due to the country club venue cancelling on them 30 days prior due to COVID restrictions. They obviously decided to not postpone their nuptials like so many couples are, and move forward with their plans.

Since Ken and Bertie had plenty of help, I left Sadie and Jeff at the house while I went and picked up the ties in Modesto. Apparently Men’s Wearhouse messed up on the tie selection for the men’s wedding ensemble. And of course, I couldn’t wait to do some much needed grocery shopping at my favorite store….Trader Joe’s. I’ve missed all of my fun salsas, dips and especially their garlic naan. When we don’t feel like cooking, their frozen Indian food selections are terrific too.

When I got back, all of the tables were set up and the rehearsal, about to begin. They’re having 5 bridesmaids, 5 groomsmen with Ken’s stepson Chance, as best man. Jeff is one of the groomsmen (yeah...his pants and shirt fit). Since we were on the road during all of the guy’s fittings, Jeff had to stop into another Men’s Wearhouse location to have his measurements taken. Jeff unfortunately had to miss Ken’s bachelor party (a fun day of golf), and at the time Ken had given his groomsmen engraved stainless steel flasks with their wedding date on it. So Ken gave Jeff his. Very cool. Looking forward to tomorrow’ special day.

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