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Too Many Sports, So Little Time

~Sunday, January 30, 2022~

Day 595

Knowing the afternoon was being carved out for the AFC/NFC Championship football games, I did my 3-mile walk with Sadie pups earlier in the day, and couldn’t ask for better weather with winds finally calmer. Happy with my stride and my 4-¾ mph pace (I’ve always been a fast walker). Now I just need a few hikes with elevation gain for an added boost to my cardio.

What a jam packed sport day! Some we could tune into, others not. The first game was the AFC Championship game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs, which we were able to see on ABC and it was amazing! Cincinnati rallied to erase a 21-3 first half-deficit, and beat the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 in overtime. It was the first AFC Championship win for the Bengals since 1989. The second game, and our home team, was being televised on FOX which we DIDN’T get (ugh!!!), forcing us to watch it on our little phone screen through the NFL app. After 3 agonizing hours, sadly, the 49er’s lost the NFC championship to the LA Rams by a field goal and a last minute interception by the Rams. It looks like our quarterback will be wearing a different uniform next year. This was the most entertaining playoff season that we ever remember watching, especially last weekend’s games. Every team has been fighting to the very end. About an hour later, we stopped crying (kidding) and moved on. Looking forward to rooting the Cincinatti Bengels on since they’ve only been to the Super Bowl twice, coincidentally losing both times to the 49er’s. They are due!! The last game of the day was one we couldn’t watch at all…..the Australian Open Men’s final tennis match. I’m overjoyed and elated that Rafael Nadal won after a grueling 5-hour, 5-set match. Not only that, he now holds the most Grand Slam wins in history…..22, though I hoped Roger Federer would be the first to take that title. But, I’ve always been a big fan of both players. It just goes to show that with grit, determination, mental fortitude and fighting spirit, anything is possible. I think another key component is the science behind nutrition and fitness that has taken many older athletes to a whole new level, never before seen. Really cool to be seeing these athletes still at their game into their 40’s!!

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