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Too Close to Home

~Wednesday, January 26, 2022~

Day 591

There seems to be a big influx of neighbors to the right of us as their sites back right up to the residence with the barking dogs. So we’re not sure if the turnover is due to the barking dogs or that 1 night stays are only what’s available. If we’re “home” , we just turn up the music to tune the annoyance out. Don’t get me wrong. There are pleasant, quiet periods too, so the barking is not incessant. Not sure what their trigger is.

Not much news from southern Arizona, as we’re playing catch up on so many things and wouldn’t want to bore you with the details. Looking forward to checking out the scene that we can share with all of you in the coming days. Nice that we have a month in one place to get stuff done and tour around.

While I was catching up on my guilty pleasure of People.com in the evening, I saw a headline that read “21-Year Old Hiker Falls to Death While Taking Photo From Arizona Mountain Peak”. The other startling part is that the photo with the caption looked all too familiar. Sure enough, it was the Flat Iron Peak that Jeff and I had just climbed last week in Apache Junction, AZ. What an utter tragedy and something that could have been completely prevented. You hear about people that get too close to the edge to take a selfie only to slip and fall. Evidently, it happened on Monday when he and a friend were camping at the top of the peak. The friend made the 911 call for helicopter rescue. Here is a link to the story:

https://people.com/human-interest/21-year-old-hiker-dies-after-slipping-while-taking-a-photo-on-flatiron-peak/. Just so sad and a little too close to home.

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