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To Store or Not to Store

~Thursday, June 11, 2020~

Pre-Launch Day 3

Up around 8:00 to a perfect day in Napa. Can’t wait to see Sadie again, as she is at my mom’s in El Dorado Hills. First, clean up the trailer a bit, then showers (not yet in the trailer), then from the back of the truck, took out and sorted the things we knew we were definitely going to be needing vs. the things that could go back to the storage unit. This would give us space when we arrived at the storage unit to pick up the extra tubs of things we had packed when we sold our home. First was a stop at the storage unit before picking up Sadie and the rest of our things at mom’s. As we were loading things in the truck, it quickly became apparent that we just have too much stuff for the RV. Since we’ve never owned a trailer before, we were guessing the storage capacity when we were separating RV things from storage things when we sold our home. It would have been nice if we had still been in our house and owned the RV at the same time, so you could gradually and adequately furnish it for the first time. We will likely have to be more realistic and part with some of these items.

When we arrived at my mom’s around 3:00, Sadie acted like she didn’t think she’d ever see us again. Unfortunately, she had no walking for 4 days, so no walks and no mom and dad for 4 days….not a good combination. We packed up what had been “home” at mom’s for the last few months, then said goodbye to her until Saturday. She’ll be paying us a visit to Skyline-yeah! Don’t think we can get her to spend the night.

For our first dinner in our trailer, we stopped at Raley’s to get pizza and salad stuff to satisfy 2 hungry people. We had a nice evening stroll with Sadie and she even got a little ball/run time as they have a dog run here. Tomorrow….a day of unpacking and organizing.

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